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Connecting people,
Creating a safe and secure office community space

I can not forget the catastrophe of the Great East Japan Earthquake on March11 2011.
It was one year after I took the office as CEO of this company. When the earthquake hit the east part of Japan, I was shocked by the tragic disaster.

At the time, I was a professor who was teaching disasters and risk managements at a university. Based on my knowledge, I would like to promote our company’s managements I put great importance on safety for society and security for people working at our company. Our first priority is to provide our guests and our colleagues safe and quiet space for creating stylish activities or works.

I would like to make best use of our experiences and our resources to solve the problem in front of us.

On May 2020

CEO of HIE Co., Ltd. Hirotada Hirose

HIE株式会社 代表取締役社長 広瀬 弘忠

Hirotada Hirose

Education :
The University of Tokyo, Doctor’sand Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Ph.D. in Letters
Work History :
Emeritus professor of Tokyo Woman’s Christian University (Current), Professor of Tokyo Woman’s Christian University, Assistant at The University of Tokyo
Other :
Visiting Professor at Ohio State University, Executive researcher of Fulbright, Chairman of The Society for Risk Analysis, Japan